Dedication: White Horse Beach Accessibility Path

I was happy to work with the Plymouth Disabilities Commission on a poem presented at the dedication for the accessibility path on White Horse beach in the summer of 2022.

With members of the Plymouth Disabilities Commission.

Press coverage: “Mobi-Mat in Plymouth changed the White Horse Beach experience for those with disabilities”


We who know
The sea’s beauty
Have a simple duty:

Sharing our entry
To immortal afternoons
On sand by water;

Ideal sunlit hours
When identity melts
And we can merge

With air & light
Simply existing.
Let’s go all together.

Let’s enable everyone
To grow beyond limits
Set by our bodies.

This diminutive desert
Does not have to be
Impossibly impassible.

We can give each
A path to reach
Their very own beach.

That’s why we lay
This way to the waves
From sidewalk to tide.

So may it serve
& may it dissolve
The distance to joy.