Chetty’s Lullaby

Chetty’s Lullaby ran for 8 performances at Viracocha SF in 2013, on Valencia Avenue, in San Francisco’s Mission District, and then debuted at StageWerx in January, 2014.

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“Chetty’s Lullaby” brings the tragic downfall of the legendary trumpet player Chet Baker to life and with it the tumultuous Milan jazz scene of the late 1950s. Based on true events, this two-act play narrates the days leading up to Baker’s arrest and imprisonment by Italian authorities on drug charges, leaving his wife Halema to fend for herself in a foreign country and make the most difficult decision of her life. The play’s recreation of this hip era of glamorous decline is completed by live music from Baker’s trio, American drummer and ex-junkie Gene Victory, Italian pianist Romano Mussolini, son of the deposed dictator, and Milan raconteur Augusto Razetto.

Jazz. Heartbreak. Dreams. Drugs. “Chetty’s Lullaby” is the searing recreation of an unforgettable era and its most beautiful, tragic star.